Thank You for changing my life and the way I feel about myself. For years I hated my hair nobody understood! I went through countless hair dressers and spent so much money. I was always crying. Then I met you. You knew exactly what I needed. I will never forget the day I met you. You spent quite some time with me that day and you didn’t even have me scheduled. You took mercy on me. Since I met you, I have felt like a million dollars. My hair is soooo beautiful. The color is so hot and the extensions are luxurious. Everyone comments on it. I have never looked better. And…you have become my friend. I now look in the mirror and smile. All the other extensions used to fall out. Not one has come out since you took over. I love you and my hair.

Allison Martino

Anush has changed my life. As a result of a medication, my hair was so thin you could see right through it. It was so weak it would constantly break off. I came to Anush wanting extensions with some moderate hope. But Anush made my hair extraordinary and jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Thanks to her I now have super-thick silky hair that holds beautiful curls that everyone comments on it.
Now I understand how her work attracts celebrities. Not only does she do beautiful work, but she answers every question thoroughly. She has enormous experience of many years and it shows. I had gone to other salons before I met Anoush, but I have to admit she is by far the best in terms of quality and experience. She also taught me how to maintain my hair, that makes a HUGE difference. Anush is the BEST…thanks again!

Laurie E. Mcdaniel, Ph.D

I found Anush using the internet, however after traveling from NY to Cali I also found that she came highly recommended from people in the area. In NY I went to a salon for color, and was left with very dry, thinning, broken hair that was uneven and unpleasant in color. THEN! I came to Anush who first saved my dying breaking hair and gave it the most beautiful even blonde color. She selected extensions that were a perfect match. You cannot detect the extensions from my real hair. I now have long thick beautiful hair- something I never thought was possible after all damage that had been done to my hair.
I highly recommend Anush, who is a true artist with all facets of hair- color, cut, and extensions. She applied the hair with the utmost care and precision-giving me her full attention. She also took my body type into account when styling me-something the best of stylists do.

Kelli Banning

I looked all over for the right stylist to do my extensions. I wasted time and money on hair and look obviously fake. I was recommended by a friend who had her extensions done by Anush. We scheduled a consultation and when we met I knew she was someone I could trust. She is beyond talented when it comes to personalizing style. Her technique is the best I have witnessed. My hair is now in better condition than ever before. I get compliments constantly on how beautiful my hair is. People are shocked when I tell them I have extensions. I am blessed to have found this amazing and beautiful woman! Thank You Anush.

Ashun Freedman

Thank you so much! My extensions were so mangled up, and you removed them so carefully with out damaging my hair! The new set is so beautiful, it matches my color perfectly. With my work, my image means so much. Being an adult film actress means I must be the ultimate, perfect fantasy. You made me beautiful! I am definitely recommending you to all of my friends to apply extensions. I enjoyed spending time with you as well, you are such a sweetheart. Thanks again! Love You!

Stefani Morgan

Never have I had a hairstylist like Anush, and I have changed countless hairdressers. Anush takes care of her clients with such concern and detail. She has so much passion as to what she does that she blends colors beautifully and with perfection. Forget Botox, forget lypo! Long, sexy hair make you feel young again. Anush is awesome…I highly recommend her.


I came to Anush for a consultation for extensions. Not only she was knowledgeable in her art, but she fully informed me of any concerns I had. She spent a great deal of time with me. I decided to come in one week later to get them done. I previously had tracks done. The individual extensions which Anush did were beyond what I anticipated. Not only did I have length and volume but it added so much sex appeal. I couldn’t even feel them. I definitely recommend Anush and will continue to come to her myself. Thank you for everything!

Sepideh Haftgoli

My name is Karin and I had a short bob for years and was getting tired of how it looked. My hair did not grow fast enough and complained a lot. I waited impatiently for Dream Catchers extensions. I went to a San Diego salon which advertised as Dream Catchers experts. I trusted the stylists because I had no reason not to, however I was highly mistaken. When he was done I had long extensions with a mushroom head because he did not blend my natural hair with the extensions. Then I came across someone who had recommended me to Anush. When I called her she was extremely nice and accomodating. I drove 2.5 hours to Bevery Hills from San Diego. My hair looks absolutely beautiful. Anush knew how to build the extensions and create a foundation that you cannot even tell I have extensions on at all. I continue to see Anush until this day I would recommend Anush to anyone looking to enhance their beauty.


I have always had very fine hair, my hair was difficult to grow past my shoulders. I thought about extensions for about a year until I finally found Anush. Within 10 minutes of meeting her I know I wanted her to do them. I have been overjoyed with the results. I get compliments all the time and no one expects it to not be my natural hair. I drove 2 hours each way to have Anush do my hair. Your time and money is totally worth having the hair that you’ve always dreamt of. Nature was a little short on delivering it. Thank God for Anush and my new improved look!

Andrea M. Fischer

I LOVE ANUSH, she is the most amazingly creative women to have worked with. She chopped off my hair into a Bob and she brought back my luscious sexy full hair. She blended multiple colors to look natural and cut layers to frame my hair to look flawless. Best customer service ever! God radiates through her. She is extraordinary don’t settle for mediocrity. You must use her.

Deanne M.

I am from South Africa and I have searched everywhere for great hair extensions and from the moment I met Anush I knew exactly what I wanted and matched my style and look with the perfect extensions. She is very experienced and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the process and I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such amazing hair.

Gina Bruni

I was searching for the perfect colorist in Beverly Hills who can help me figure something new for my hair. I was tired of having my hair the same way and needed a change. I finally came across Anush who to be honest was skeptical about. WOW was a I wrong. I had the mentality that every hairdresser was the same way doing what they think is great. Everyone has a different outlook and she helped me see her creative side as well as what I wanted. I have been going to Anush for many years now for my color and cut. Love Love Love my hair I even get compliment from boys.

Anita M.

Just wanted to Thank You for taking time in giving me a hair treatment that I so badly needed. It hasn’t looked this healthy in about 10 years. I haven’t felt so good about how I looked and this just uplifted me so. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Gloria Kobbe

I was searching on the internet for hair extensions as well as some kind of therapeutic treatment that can help my hair to restore to its natural feeling. My hair was so over processed it looked horrible. When I went to Anush she knew exactly what to do. She not only made my hair thick and long but she applied the treatment that intensified the shine and strength. I was shocked that a hairstylist like Anush existed in LA. I was visiting from London, found her on the internet and decided to go by her for a consultation. I had a complete LA makeover. She not only colored my hair with base and low lights but she applied the Keratin Treatment with extensions which remarkably made me a star overnight. I was ecstatic when I went back to London. I would most highly recommend her and will visit her every chance I get.

Bridgette K.