Anush Hair Design is the preeminent hair salon specializing in the beauty of hair that includes color, cuts, extensions, Brazilian Keratin treatments and more. Located in the glamorous entertainment capitol of Beverly Hills, Anush’s artistic creativity as well as perfectionism has led her to A-list celebrity clientele such as Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Faye Resnick, and many more.

Her 20 years of expertise and state of the art techniques inspire her clients to transcend from the norm to constantly keep up on the cutting edge of style, creating a confident inner beauty that surpasses their expectations and enables them to achieve their own unique style.

Anush looks at each client as an individual and creates a presence that exudes beauty and confidence by researching and analyzing their lifestyle, body structure, facial features, skin tone, and personal taste then incorporating their essence into her creation.

She personally creates formulas that provide the perfect palette that enables her to begin her magic. By custom blending natural human hair extensions and applying color with contrast, the transformation begins. Anush insists her clients to start out with a healthy foundation by regimenting a program for them through deep conditioners and botanical nutrients that counteract the harsh polluted environment we live in today. These supplements and treatments maximize hair growth and nourish the hair with brilliant shine.

Anush has been published in VOGUE, ALLURE, IN STYLE, and many European magazines. Her transformation of the late Anna Nicole Smith was one of her greatest creations.

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