If you’re over stenciling and penciling in your brows, consider microblading. Microblading isn’t the face tattoo your mother warned you about, in fact, she’s probably recommending it. Microblading is a technique that provides long-lasting, natural looking brows, and does not penetrate the skin as deeply as regular tattoos do. This is why they generally require touch-ups between 6 months to a year. Microblading is not done with a tattoo gun, so no need to fear the noise. Tiny needles are used to insert pigment just underneath the skin. Needles, as opposed to a gun, allow for thin and precise hair-like strokes. Microblading isn’t just for those wanting to fill-out. Microblading can be done on anyone, even if you are or have:

  • No brows at all
  • Blonde or very light brows
  • Thin, short brows
  •  Looking to fill out existing brows
  • Brow loss due to alopecia, eczema or any other hair-loss conditions If you think microblading may be the answer for your brows, call us to book an appointment. To prepare for microblading be sure to avoid any blood-thinning medicines or substances leading up to your session. When healing, treat the microbladed areas like an open wound – avoid sweating, the sun, makeup and anything else that may cause irritation.