Hair and Scalp

While cutting, styling, coloring and highlighting all go a long way towards creating a great look, the overall health of the hair and scalp are two of the most fundamentally important aspects of a hairstyle.

As part of her professional hairdressing qualification, Anush has been trained to optimize hair and scalp health through various conditioning and washing treatments, which in turn can help you get the most out of your hairstyle. You may already have the hair cut and color of your dreams, but the quality of your hair and your scalp are preventing your hair from behaving in a way that looks best. This is often true of people with curly hair, whose dehydrated roots and tips cause frizz, and a resulting lack of wave. On the other hand, those with naturally straight hair might suffer from over-productive sebaceous glands, which makes the hair greasy and lank. Any number of factors can affect the way hair looks and behaves, but luckily there are always treatments that can help to control it and even rectify the problem permanently.

Since hair is made up of different amino acids and proteins which determine its structure and shape, it’s possible to use different hair and scalp treatments to improve that structure and make it more pronounced. This is where Anush’s expertise comes in handy, as she can provide the necessary oil treatments, deep conditioning treatments and protective treatments that repair heat and color damaged hair.

If you are interested in smoothing, straightening and fixing, check out our Brazilian Keratine treatment.