Hair Extensions

Want the right extensions? Color? Cut? Style? FAB…. I would hope so! Heres the Insider…

Of course there are variety of ways to apply human hair, I personally do individual ones due to the fact of all the other ones that destroy your hair leaving it un-manageable. Individual hair extensions gives me a broader and hands on touch on my clients hair to look stunning when they leave my salon. Individuals are done strand by strand, having said that it feels smooth when running your hands through your hair. As we are applying hair extensions, we also have to have it even with natural volume, the perfect color, length, texture, cut, last but not least the style.

No wax!  No chemicals! No weaves! Simply stress free stunning results!

But then you ask yourself… Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Truth is…

A. Applying it properly would not damage your hair
B. Everyones  hair sheds ! Your own hair sheds… its natural. We take into account that hair is fragile, for this reason, we take safety and delicate measures that would best suit your hair to maintain it in order to keep it from shedding.
C. Stay away from chlorine
D. Use the correct brushes and shampoo
E. Individual hair feels light like your own natural hair
F. Color and extensions go hand in hand
G. No pain no discomfort

Is hair extensions right for me?

Hair extensions is a universal solution helping in every aspect.


1. Instant gratification for a long haired look
2. 100% human hair
3. Lasts for several months depending on continuous maintenance
4. You can test out the long hair look before deciding to invest your time and energy growing your own.
5. You can alternate between short and long hair.
6. It is not only used for length, but volume as well for fine hair
7. It is an alternative solution for highlights/low lights/bad hair cuts

Hair Extensions by Anush
Hair Extensions by Anush
Hair Extensions by Anush
Hair Extensions by Anush
Hair Extensions by Anush
Hair Extensions by Anush