Quite often with a hairstyle you will be happy with the cut and the color, but something about it needs tweaking. In most cases all that is required are a few highlights, added to the top layers of the hair to inject some color, contrast and movement into the hair.

Here at the salon Anush also provides a lowlighting service, which is carried out in exactly the same way as highlighting, but involves a darker hair color than the individuals current one. This is popular for those with strawberry blonde and light blonde hair, who want to create some contrast without dyeing all of their hair a shade darker. In a lot of cases Anush will be able to choose a highlight of lowlight color that will better match your skin tone, or even make your eyes pop.

While many people associate highlighting with unusual, bright colors like pink, blue and green, highlights can simply be used to enhance an individual’s natural hair color. Hair extensions can also be highlighted or lowlighted along with your natural hair, and considering hair extensions do not grow out, this can be a slightly more permanent and very cost-effective treatment. The actual process is simple, starting with the de-colorizing of selected strands of hair using a gentle bleach or peroxide solution. Once this has been done, the highlighting or lowlighting color is applied, left to ‘take’, rinsed and dried. Given the right aftercare these highlights should only need reapplying every two to three months.

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