Brazilian Blowout

If you have brittle, dry, processed, damaged or frizzy hair, you may want to consider a
Brazilian Blowout. A Brazilian Blowout will smooth and shine out hair, remove unwanted frizziness
and will enhance dull coloring. This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to decrease their hair
styling time, too. Blow-drying and straightening hair after the Brazilian Blowout treatment is a world’s
different. Straightening that once took an hour, may now only take about half the time.

Brazilian Blowouts are perfectly safe for colored and treated hair. It will actually help to
enhance the shine and coloring. The treatment sometimes works better on chemically treated hair,
even, as it works to coat the strands with amino acids that strengthen hair. Unlike some
straightening techniques, Brazilian Blowouts will not make you lose any volume. Brazilian Blowout
treatment is meant to relax frizzy, untamed hairs while creating an overall shiny and healthy look. It
will also not straighten your hair fully. If you have naturally straight hair, it will maintain the same
style with a new sheen to your coat. If you have wavy or curly hair, it will do the same thing while
maintaining a similar texture and style as your natural one. Brazilian Blowouts can be thought of as
anti-aging for hair. It will reduce the damaged, frail look of dead hair and will reintroduce a brightness
and gleam of health, strong hair.

Brazilian Blowouts can last up to twelve weeks if maintained properly. As with most
treatments, they look and keep best with routine touch-ups. The more treatments you receive, the
healthier and longer the treatments will last.